5 reasons to choose WordPress for your website

5 reasons to choose WordPress for your website

5 Reasons to choose WordPress for your new website

The Takeway

WordPress is FREE
WordPress is user friendly
You can build ANY type of website with WordPress
WordPress is SEO friendly
WordPress has tons of support

Are you looking to build a new website,  start a new business and want to know the best way to get started online ? Then WordPress without a doubt is a fast, efficient and great way to get started when entering the domain (see the pun 🙂 ) of websites!

Ok so you want a new website and you have a great idea that’s gonna make you millions! Fantastic! go for it, but you need a website to showcase your new idea to the world and you want to get started asap. This is where WordPress comes in. With the right hosting company, you can have a WordPress website up and running in just a few hours. Now we are talking about WordPress from WordPress.org, not WordPress.com, thats a different system with paid plans. We will look at that in another post.

Notice above, I said with the RIGHT Hosting Company. This is very important when starting out. Choose the right host and you will be set for a long time. We recommend WordPress friendly and feature rich host companies like Siteground, Bluehost and Dreamhost. They make WordPress a seamless and easy task compared to some outdated and cheap providers.


These cheap host providers will cost you plenty of heartache and money down the line if you are persuaded by their cheap prices. Cheap prices means you are crammed into a shared hosting package with thousands of other poor unsuspecting website owners. And any spike in traffic on a neighbouring website in your shared hosting account can bring your site down or to a slow crawl.

A lot of these cheap providers also have a very outdated interfaces or control panels with outdated features like PHP versions etc. We are not going to get into the pitfalls right now BUT do your due diligence ! Research the best hosting company for WordPress and make a well informed choice. Now rant over on cheap providers, lets get to it :


1. WordPress is FREE

WordPress is FREE, and has no licence fees, enough said. Being free does not make it sub-standard. On the the contrary, WordPress is an Open Source software which means any developer or programmer can edit or add to the code for the good of WordPress. This is one of the reasons WordPress is the most popular CMS on the market today with over 60% of the market share. Pretty big huh?

You can download WordPress from WordPress.org and install it on your domain or install it via an application on your hosting account. We recommend installing via your hosting account as it’s super easy and quick. WordPress is fast and easy to install on your domain. Any reputable host company will have a cPanel with an automatic Installer option to install your WordPress website. Follow the wizard, input your login details and boom, a few minutes later, your site is ready and waiting to be customised.

2. WordPress is User Friendly

The user friendly interface of WordPress Websites With all the technology around today, user friendly is always a welcome phrase. WordPress has an easy to use interface and when you get familiar with the platform, it is very easy to use even for non-technologic minded folk. It has a text editor similar to Microsoft word for producing content and laying out text.

You can upload all types of media as WordPress accepts most including documents, images, audio and video which it stores in its own media library on the dashboard. There is also a very large WordPress community online which offer many ways to learn every aspect of WordPress from beginner to advanced users.

3. You can build any type of website

Desktop showing Bloomberg professional Website which is a WordPress WebsiteThere are no limits with WordPress. Your WordPress website can be made into any type of website you can imagine. The beauty of WordPress is its flexibility. Some of the top companies in the world use WordPress and compare the look of the following WordPress websites:

The core WordPress software under the hood is the same for every user but on the front end or the look of your website can be completely different to other WordPress websites. Themes and plugins are what makes WordPress websites look different from one to another. Themes are a collection of files, templates and stylesheets which change the appearance and visual look of a WordPress website. In your dashboard area under Appearance » Themes you can add or change your theme anytime you want.

There are thousands of free and paid themes online to choose from, one for every style and industry. Installing a theme is super easy and you can find the best premium paid themes on Themeforest, Elegant themes and theme fuse to name a few. Plugins are zip files containing software that extend the functionality of your website.

  1. Yoast SEO
    This plugin improves your onsite SEO and it gives you guidance in creating the right content, keywords etc. A must have plugin for any serious website owner.
  2. Contact form 7
    This plugin does what it says. It simply puts a  Contact form on your website which sends the message and contact details by email to your specified email address.
  3. Askimet
    Askimet comes with your WordPress installation and protects you against spam comments in your blog.
  4. Total W3 Cache
    Cache plugins are very popular nowadays but according to Hostgator, it’s the most downloaded cache plugin. Cache plugins improve the overall performance of your website and speeds the loading process up so your site becomes faster and more efficient for its user.
  5. WooCommerce
    WooCommerce plugin is a plugin that extends your website into an online shop. It powers over 30% of the online stores on the internet. An extremely powerful and popular plugin.
    • In summary you can literally have any type of website you can think of:

    • Blog/personal website
    • News website
    • Business/Corporate website
    • e-Commerce/online shop website
    • Membership Website
    • Forum website
    • Portfolio/Showcase website
    • Classified ad websites
    • Job Board website

The list goes on. the flexibility of WordPress is unrivalled and that’s what makes it the most popular content management system of all time. With all the themes available online, it’s rare you come across 2 websites that look the same. There are so many it can be difficult to pick the best one for your needs. Again make sure you do your due diligence, check out the theme author. Is the theme author an experienced author ? Do they have many themes in their portfolio ? Are they rated ? Has the theme received positive or negative reviews ?


You want a theme that loads fast. It should not have too much bloat or fancy features. The theme should be easy to use and navigate around. It should have a demo import option to make it look like the theme advertised. Another important factor of a theme is that it should have recent updates to accommodate WordPresses regular software update.

4. WordPress is SEO Friendly

WordPress is very SEO friendly, as a result Google loves WordPress websites. The structure in WordPress is geared towards a good SEO experience. SEO has two parts, On page SEO and Off page. On page SEO is about good website structure and great content. WordPress has a very good structure for search engines to find your content easily. It contains user friendly permalinks or pretty permalinks which are the links to your website pages. An SEO friendly permalink might look like http://webdesign.brightsparkmedia.net/websites-are-essential-today/ and a SEO unfriendly link might look like this http://webdesign.brightsparkmedia.net/=?245dg56php£.


To help with your SEO, WordPress also supports the title Tag – This means the title you entered is also entered into the code for search engines to know exactly where to find the title of the page/post. If you change the title of a page or post, WordPress also deals with the redirect to the new title rather than serving you the old title.


The Yoast plugin for WordPress WebsitesYoast SEO plugin is a must have plugin for people who want to their website to rank high in Google. After install follow the wizard and Yoast will configure the plugin for the ideal SEO settings for your website. It also cleverly gives you guidance on each post or page for optimal settings including your focus keyword for the article or page.

The Yoast plugin analyses your content and gives you readability scores and recommends how to improve your article/page. It shows you a series of coloured bullets on readability and SEO. A green bullet means you are doing great, a red bullet means you need to fix a bunch of stuff and an orange bullet means you have room to improve. Yoast also provides a snippet editor – A snippet is what your page looks like on the Google search page. With Yoast, you can change the title, the meta description and the keyword on each page or post. A fantastic plugin to improve your SEO.

5. Tons of support

One of the best reasons to use WordPress is that there are thousands of tutorials, support forums and how to’s to help learn all about WordPress and its best practices. You do not need to be a developer to have the website of your dreams. Sites like WP Beginner, WordPress Support Forum and many online videos show you everything WordPress related and how to have the best site possible.


Finally, in our opinion WordPress is probably the best platform to get your website up and running efficiently and quickly. WordPress has a great structure built on solid code and gives you a great foundation in SEO. All WordPress websites have endless options in terms of themes and plugins to extend the sites and make the design beautiful. It has a very user friendly interface and can accommodate all types of media like images, audio, video. You can also access your WordPress website from any browser anywhere in the world via mobile, tablet or desktop and as a result gets our 5 start vote for the best website builder in the world.

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