5 reasons you need WordPress support

5 reasons you need WordPress support

5 reasons you need WordPress support

Whether you run a website for business or pleasure, it can take a lot of work to get it functioning at its peak. Have you ever considered getting WordPress support for your WordPress website?

Do you know what software your website runs on ? Is it a CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress ? Or is it built on other software ? As a website owner, it’s vital you know what software runs your website. Why? Well as a result you can make better informed decisions on it’s growth and understand how it functions and behaves.

This article will concentrate on WordPress CMS websites. It will outline why you should avail of WordPress support to help your website grow and be more efficient at showcasing your products or services to potential clients.

Why do WordPress websites need support ?

WordPress websites are dynamic websites. They are run by a server-side scripting language (PHP) to dynamically create the page being requested by each visitor. The core software required to run the website is updated regularly with security patches, bug fixes, new features, etc. Like your smartphone, tablet or computer, these updates are there to protect and enhance user experience.

In addition, installing themes and numerous plugins installs extra software so your website will need more attention to keep all this software running well. If left untouched, your website will quickly become out of date. As a result, hackers and bugs can cause your website to crash, lose all your data and be a bad experience for potential customers.

Why invest so much money in building a website to try and attract new customers and then neglect it ? Above all a bad website will give you a bad reputation online and can cost you a lot of money driving potential clients to competitor’s websites.

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1. WordPress support saves you time

Time is one of the biggest killers for business owners. Therefore a lack of time can result in a neglected website sliding down the Google rankings faster than a penguin on a water slide. Worse than that, WordPress sites that have not been updated are more likely to be hacked or have malware. In fact, over 60% of WordPress sites that have been hacked are as a result of outdated software.

We had a client whose navigational menu links on his site redirected to gambling sites after being infected with malware. There are many tasks involved in running your business and we understand you cannot do everything. Therefore It is very easy to ignore the maintenance of your website.

Fear not, regular duties like software updates, spam removal, backing up your data, security monitoring, cache cleaning etc, even editing your site can be completed by WordPress support team. Using a WordPress support company can free up more time for you. It can perform all the necessary regular tasks and keep your site clean, free from malware, backed up and performing more efficiently.

As a WordPress support company we send regular reports to our clients outlining all the duties we completed to keep your website up to date and free from issues. We even include Google Analytics and SEO statistics in our report. A WordPress support team can also perform customised tasks to grow your website even further.

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2. WordPress support reduces your workload

Technology and business in 2019 moves at a very fast pace. As a result, we prioritise only the most urgent tasks. For many, day to day work involves putting out fires, trying to meet deadlines etc. So it’s a fact that mundane and routine tasks like maintaining your website can suffer. We can get consumed by all the work that is backed up and forget about the seemingly unimportant. The problem is and in our experience, people leave looking after their website until disaster happens.

It’s true! People only spring into action when something happens. In the back of your mind, you knew you should have been checking in on your website regularly but you had too much to do! Reduce your workload, hand over your website to someone who knows how to take care of it. If you were a brand new parent, would you take your child to work ? Would you leave it playing in the corner of your office or would you drop it off at a Montessori or creche ? Take a second to imagine what it would be like to bring your baby to your office. It’s safe to say it would be a very stressful situation.

The scenario emphasises the importance of dropping your website off at a WordPress Support office. Let them take care of it. They know what they are doing. Like your child, your website is in the hands of qualified professionals. They are there to look after it for you and leave you to do what you do best, running your business.

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3. It gives you peace of mind

Now we are getting there. So far a WordPress support company saves you time, reduces your workload and now… peace of mind. Peace of mind reduces stress and can give you more clarity and focus in your thinking. More clarity and focus in your thinking results in better ideas and more efficiency in work. All successful businesses or leaders delegate or outsource certain duties so they can concentrate on their core business. Tony Robbins talks about leveraging in Business. To leverage your time is to delegate tasks to employees, assistants, children or outside businesses. You cannot do everything.

It is a win win situation. By letting your WordPress support team handle all your website tasks and issues, your mind is at ease as there is one less important task to worry about. Maybe you wanted a new blog post uploaded or you needed someone to write an article for your website but you didn’t have the time to sort out a copy writer.  By entrusting those tasks to your support team, your article gets written and uploaded to your website. Consequently your traffic increases as the article was shared on social media and more potential customers have been attracted to your site. Hmmm… delegation seems like a good habit to get into.

4. Not technically minded? … Hire WordPress support

If you are not technically minded or find website work scary or extremely difficult then hire a WordPress support company. They can hold your hand and talk you through what needs to be done to keep your website updated. It can be very frustrating work when you are not 100% sure  what you are doing. Your attempts at updates or changes can result in errors and problems. It’s best to get rid of those frustrations and delegate the responsibility to people who know what they are doing.

Our WordPress support plans are extremely affordable and we believe we give value for money. If you need further edits or custom work, then no problem. Schedule a consultation and we would be happy to help. We love when our client’s websites receive the TLC they need. We can improve many factors of a website including increasing traffic by performing SEO tasks or analysing visitor behaviour  to determine better marketing campaigns.

Wordpress support team working on desktop computer in office5. Develop your website further

Another great advantage to hiring a WordPress support company is when you want to develop your website further. Maybe you want to add a e-commerce store to your website or a booking form. The support team already know your website and your business goals and objectives. Engaging with them to improve and grow your website is a natural progression. Trust has been formed with the services they provide. If you are comfortable with their skills, hiring them for custom work is a no brainer. They are there also to maintain the new customisations and stand over anything if you have any issues. WordPress websites are extremely scaleable and many add ons on the market today makes your website potentially anything you want it to be.

Whether it’s SEO work, or adding and integrating services like Mailchimp, Yoast SEO, Google Analytics, custom forms, WooCommerce to name a few, it should be no problem for your support team to make sure all is installed and configured correctly. Establishing a good relationship with your Web team is advantageous for both parties.


To sum up, hiring a company to provide WordPress updates, data back up, 24/7 security, spam/malware removal, custom work and more means you are free to run your business more efficiently when your website is in the right hands. Any bugs, issues or downtime can be avoided when a support team or a call or email away. Customised work is easier to get done as you are already working with a web team and it can only improve your website. That’s why you spent all that money on your website in the first place, yes? You want it to help grow your business and provide a showcase for your products and services and improve your brand online.

Take a look at our WordPress Care Plan and please reach out if you would like a FREE consultation.


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