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Losing data or being hacked would be an absolute disaster for your business. Without a backup you risk losing everything if something goes wrong. So let our WordPress BACKUP & SECURITY PLAN back up your website daily. We also scan your site daily for malware making sure your website is always safe and well protected.


  • If your website crashes or is hacked and you lose all your data, without a WordPress backup, you face a lot of time and cost getting your website back online.
  • It’s very common for WordPress website owners to neglect backups and security of their site, thinking it will never happen to me.
  • WordPress is a software and like all software, it can become vulnerable.
  • 78% of WordPress users are not updating their site.
  • Bright Spark Media provide daily back ups with 1 click restore option should anything ever happen.


If you are a WordPress website owner, running a business or a blog, then it’s essential you have a WordPress backup and security service in place. There’s nothing worse than seeing your time, hard work and money go up in smoke if your website goes down or gets hacked and you cannot recover the files and data.

It’s very common for WordPress website owners to neglect the backup and security of their site. A lot of people ignore this essential part of owning a website, whether they think it’s too costly or they haven’t given it much thought in the first place. Either way, backing up your WordPress website is a very important part of running your business.

Wordpress backup and security service - Marbella Spain

Why a WordPress backup is so important

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP & MySQL computer language. It is a software and like all kinds of computer software, it can have vulnerabilities at certain points in time. New versions of WordPress get released often with new security enhancements by the WP core team so it’s very important to always keep your software up to date. it is essential you are always running the latest version of it’s themes and plugins. Developers and web designers will always tell you to keep everything up to date.

ONLY A STAGGERING 22% of WordPress users are running the latest version !That’s 78% of WordPress users WHO ARE NOT updating their site, theme or plugins.

If there are around 19,500,000 websites on the entire web using WordPress, then 78% of them are vulnerable!

Who exploits/hacks WordPress websites?

Many website owners might say “why would they hack my site ?” or ” What has my site got to offer them ? ” and do not think anyone would bother.  With this mentality you are literally looking for trouble! There are many reasons why a hacker would target your website, from pure boredom to spreading viruses and illegal media all over the internet. WordPress has an impressive 60% of the CMS market share making it a popular target for hackers who can use many methods to attack your site and bring it down. An easy method for them is to exploit outdated software in your themes, plugins and WordPress core files.

Your Host Company

As well as hackers trying to exploit your website, your hosting company could also suffer an outage or worse it could crash, which would mean that your website is gone! Many host companies now provide back ups via their control panel which, while useful to have, they cannot be relied on  because if something happens to your host company, then your website and back ups are gone too. That is why it’s best to have a 3rd party service store all your WordPress backups which will ensure your site is as safe as possible.

Think for a moment, if the server your website is on, crashed right now this minute, how much and how long would it take to get everything back online if you had no WORDPRESS backup ?

This is an important question because we are pretty sure the cost of backing up your site to a remote server would be far cheaper and less time consuming than having to start from scratch again.

Fortunately Bright Spark Media have your Back (up) 🙂 As part of our maintenance packages and services, our goal is to ensure your website safety and with best possible performance too so we provide the following to keep your site protected and running smoothly. Our WORDPRESS BACKUP PLAN offers:

  • Twice daily backups to our remote servers for safekeeping. If something does happen to your site, we can restore it at a moments notice.
  • Daily database clean. We optimise and clean your database as part of our daily maintenance increasing performance and improving load times.
  • Installation of security software which will act as a firewall defence of your site preventing brute force attacks which prevent hackers from attempting many passwords. Our firewall defence stops you getting hacked and our scanner alerts you quickly about any potential security issues.
  • Reports when backup completes, including file checksums for verification of backup integrity.
  • WordPress Backup, migrate and clone to a new domain – We can move your WordPress website and database to a new domain in a click of a button.
  • Immediate Restore – If your website gets hacked or suffers a fatal error, don’t worry we can restore your site to the previous version with just a click of a button.

Take a look at the plan below. If you are happy with what the plan offers you, then click buy now or if you have any queries, please let us know by either filling out the form in the sidebar or commencing a LIVE CHAT bottom left of your screen.

Backup Security Plan


Your site is monitored and protected from hackers and malware with full backup daily on our remote servers with 1 click restore.
• Full Daily Backups
• Immediate Restore
• Full WP & database back up
• Security & Malware protection
• Regular database clean for better performance
• Migrate/Clone website to new host/server
• Monthly reports
• 24/7 Support


Bright Spark Media will back up your site daily to our offsite servers. Should your hosting server or website crash, then we have a remote back up ready to fully restore your site back to its original state.


If your website gets hacked or suffers a fatal error, Don’t worry we can restore your site to the previous version with just a click of a button.


Bright Spark Media can clone your site and migrate it to another domain if necessary.


Our security firewall will keep your site safe and secure. The firewall defence stops you getting hacked and our scanner alerts you quickly about any potential security issues.


We will schedule a regular database clean so old revisions and pages/posts will be cleaned out and bloat removed that can slowdown your sites performance.


Our Team will monitor your website 24/7 to make sure it’s up & running super smooth. We scan your website daily and our firewall protection will keep any malware at bay.


For all our customers, we are available 24/7 for any queries or issues.


At the end of every month, we will send you a report containing all updates, fixes, issues, analytics, performance, uptime and statistics.

If you would any further information or a consultation, please send us a message and we will get back to you asap.

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