Why You Need to Understand Google to Grow Your Business Online

Why You Need to Understand Google to Grow Your Business Online

Why You Need to Understand Google to Grow Your Business Online

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What is Google, What is Googles mission
What Does Google Want from Your Website?
How Google Can Help You Get Found Online
Products and Services Google Offers to Help You Get Discovered Online
Get Started with Google

Ok let’s say you’ve built your website, so step 1 is finished. Now, you need people to find it. That means you need to make Google happy and use the tools it provides. How do you make Google happy? well you gotta play ball with Google. This is where so many site owners go wrong. They don’t understand Google and what services it provides to help websites grow. Set yourself up for success by getting to know Google and all the resources it provides. Understand Google and how it can help you become a success online.

What Is Google, and What Is Its Mission?

You likely use Google all the time, but do you really know what it is? Do you understand Google ? At its core, Google is a search engine with a very important mission.

Google’s mission is to “organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

To put it simply, it has the mission of indexing websites and organising them in a way that helps people find the relevant information they are seeking. Google consistently changes and updates its algorithms to help it reach its mission.

It also uses their updates as a means of weeding out websites who try to abuse the system and climb the rankings unfairly. Keyword stuffing, plagiarised content and 100s of backlinks are some of these tactics or “Black Hat SEO”.

For example, in the past, website owners used a keyword stuffing technique to rank at the top of the search engine. For instance, if a site owner wanted to rank for “tennis balls,” it would use the phrase over and over again with little regard to the content on the site. The site owner would only worry about ranking and traffic and didn’t put the effort in to provide real value to users.

Google realised that its algorithm made this possible, so it tweaked its algorithm, so sites were no longer rewarded for overusing keywords. Instead of ranking near the top of the results, those sites are now buried behind high-quality websites.

This is just one example of the numerous algorithm changes Google has incorporated over the years. Each change is made to help Google display websites that are the most likely to help people who are searching online. To be clear what Google wants, Google wants to show the most valuable relevant information when someone wants to search for a keyword or phrase. If it’s not able to do this, it will quickly lose its appeal and consumers will go to other search engines for answers.

What Does Google Want from Your Website?

man and woman at desktop computer looking at a responsive websiteOn the most basic level, Google wants your site to be easy to use, relevant and useful. What does that mean, though? It means that Google expects certain things from your website to rank it in the top results.

First, it wants your site to include information that searchers are looking for. High-quality content is the key to pleasing Google in this regard. If your site offers low-quality content, you’ll have a very difficult time getting found online.

Google also wants your site to have inbound links. This means that other sites need to link to your website. This accomplishes two things in the eyes of Google. Links make it easy for Google’s crawlers to find your site and index the pages. It also shows Google that your site is important and relevant. Google considers natural links to be votes for a website. It considers those votes when displaying the search results.

Google also expects your site to be easy to use and mobile friendly. That means your site needs to have a logical link structure, look good on all devices and is easy to find your way around. If people have a hard time accessing different pages on your website, Google will penalise it with a low search ranking.

Google also expects your website to adhere to the GDPR and cookie policy. You should also have a privacy policy page and if you are selling goods and services online, you need a terms and conditions page. So to sum up this section, Google wants:

  1. Good Site structure (Easy to use, easy to navigate)
  2. Fast loading site
  3. Mobile friendly (Responsive)
  4. Security and Privacy

How Google Can Help You Get Found Online

Climbing the google rankingsNow you know what Google wants, but how can it help you get found online? You know the search engine displays websites when searchers type phrases into the search box, but how do you get your site near the top so it can get found?

This begins with keywords. Even though Google is against keyword stuffing, it still uses keywords to organise websites. When someone types a key phrase into Google, the search engine uses that as a starting point to determine which sites to display. It might just be part of the process, but it’s incredibly important.

Keyword research can be a very involved process. If you’re just starting out, look at your competition and analyse similar searches. When you google a phrase or keyword, it also gives you a list of similar phrases and words that are similar to yours. Use that information to begin building a list of keywords. Then, narrow the list down so you can focus on a handful of keywords.

Then, create optimised content. This content should be useful, high-quality, and focused on the keywords that you’ve selected. Create content for each keyword and make sure it provides value to the user. If you do this, Google will help you reach people online.

Finally, focus on off-page SEO, such as guest blogging and social media. Google also considers off-page SEO when determining which sites to display. This will help you get a leg up on the competition and get found.

If you combine all of these aspects of online marketing, you will hit the ground running. Google will view your site as a valuable asset and help you reach people online.

Products and Services Google Offers to Help You Get Discovered Online

Google has tons of products and services that will help you succeed online. If you use these products and services, your site will get out in front of the masses. Check out some of the best tools Google offers.

Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the easiest ways to get found online. You’ve probably seen Google Ads countless times without realising it. Go to Google and type a search phrase into the box. For instance, you could type “sell my house.” You’ll notice a bunch of ads at the top of the search results. These are Google Ads. If you click on the ads, the advertiser will be charged.

Start by defining your goal. You can choose to get more phone calls, increase visits to your physical location, or send people to your website.

Then, you choose where you want to advertise. If your site serves people all over the world, you can choose to show your ads globally. However, if you serve a state or region, you can narrow the targeting, so your ads only display in a specific area.

Then, you’ll create your ad. You get three lines of online real estate to sell your business to the world. There is also an option of creating a banner ad if you want to draw people in with compelling visuals.

After you set up your ad, you’ll create a budget. Then, your ad will finally go live. When people search for products or services that you offer, your ad will display. When someone clicks on your ad, you’ll pay for that click.

Example of a Google Business listing on SmartphoneGoogle My Business

Google My Business is another cool tool to help you stand out on the search engine. This free tool can be used to create a detailed online profile if you have a physical location that customers visit. You can also use this tool if you visit customers in a specific region.

Let’s go back to the example before, where you typed “sell my house” into Google. If you were to scroll down, you would see a map and then some business listings. Each listing has a Google My Business account.

You can claim or create your Google My Business profile by visiting https://business.google.com/create. There you can post photos and information and when users are searching for your business or businesses like yours on Google Search or maps, you will show up in the results. You can also include contact information in the account. Once your profile is live, people can leave reviews and find you easily online. This tool will help you improve your local search ranking.

‘People Also Ask’ Boxes

Google’s “People Also Ask” boxes are also really helpful. Let’s say that you sell boxing gloves. You assume that the people you’re targeting will type “buy boxing gloves” into the search box. If you were to do that and scroll down, you would see a box that says, “People Also Ask.” For this particular search, the “People Also Ask” box contains:

  • What size boxing glove should I get?
  • How much do boxing gloves cost?
  • What are the best boxing gloves ?

These are questions that people ask when searching to buy boxing gloves. You can turn those questions into useful blog posts. By posting these blog posts on your site, you are also letting Google that you have content related and relevant to the search. It is more likely that Google will bring up your article in the search results when people type in this phrase.  This will also help you educate your market, gain their trust with your knowledge and likely make some sales, as well.

Google Analytics

tablet showing google analytics screenGoogle Analytics is a powerful tool to help your business get discovered online. Unlike the other tools, Google Analytics works behind the scenes to provide information you need to make smart marketing decisions.

You can track all kinds of metrics with Google Analytics, including sources for incoming traffic, page views, return visitor conversions, the value per visit, the bounce rate, exit pages, and the cost per conversion. Paying attention to the metrics is critical.

For example, let’s say you have a high bounce rate (Bounce rate means how long people stay on your site, the higher the number the faster they leave your site). That could be due to slow page load times or having a site that doesn’t match up with the marketing message. Fixing the problem can help you attract more customers. Google will be happy with the changes, and your visitors will be more likely to stick around.

That’s just one example of how you can use Google Analytics to improve your online presence. You should create your account and then analyse the metrics weekly. To understand Google Analytics you are equipping your business with a great tool to analyse traffic behaviour on your website.

Get Started with Google

To Understand  Google and how it works is one of the most important jobs you can do online. When Google is happy, it rewards you with a good search ranking. A good search ranking is critical if you’re going to drive traffic to your site. Spend some time tweaking your website and off-site SEO practices to get in Google’s good graces. Be sure to use Google’s tools to help you attract visitors, as well. Make sure you register for “Google my business”,  input all the necessary information and you will increase your visibility to a lot more users on the net.
Of course if you cannot manage to or want help creating a Google business page, increase your visibility on Google Local , just let us know. We would be only too glad to help.

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